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About CZE technology

Based on proven, military-grade technology, Eco Detection uses the world’s first broad-spectrum, single-suite, real-time water quality monitoring system.

We’ve miniaturised this laboratory process into a robust and field-ready system that can detect specific ions at concentrations as low as tens of parts per billion.

Developed by the University of Tasmania, this innovative technology uses positive and negative electrical field polarities to detect both anions and cations in sample fluid. This patented sensing system enables us to measure nitrates, nitrites, ammonium, phosphates, chloride, heavy metals and other key analytes and parameters.

More data
points per
year than
ever before*:


Industry Standard


The Eco Detection Difference
*Waikato River Project

Lab Verified

+ Patented sensing system

Eco Detection has an exclusive licence to the technology and is developing the system in partnership with Grey Innovation, an Australian technology commercialisation company.

+ Autonomous operation

Our system uses proprietary self-calibrating technology, requiring minimal user maintenance and replacement of consumables (monthly).

+ Works in any catchment environment

The high dynamic range of the sensors enables broad detection levels for upper and lower river reaches in any catchment area.

+ Remote operation and monitoring

Transmits data in real-time via mobile and satellite networks, enabling accurate trend analysis and quality assurance programs.

+ 96 data points daily

Capability for multiple daily runs for dissolved nutrients, sulphate, carbonate and chloride, and 96 data points daily for dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH and conductivity.

Capable of operating on solar, mains or battery power, our technology is designed for remote operation and monitoring