Freshwater river and lake systems managed and located near farming and areas of heavy agriculture. Eco Detection data supports compliance, fertiliser management and environmentally-conscious farming.

Urban &
Industrial Waterways

Eco Detection data supports quality assurance and compliance. Industry can monitor its water input/output streams and optimise processes to meet with regulation and avoid environmental risks to operations.

Wastewater Treatment & Management

Eco Detection can assist Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control systems to ensure that treated water is meeting required standards for release into the environment.

& Construction

Continuous monitoring of process and storage water concentrations to provide evidence of compliance and remediation. Real-time contaminant alerts for improved response times to environmental leaching.

& Horticulture

Data to demonstrate nutrient levels are within optimum ranges for irrigation to land and productivity. Avoid elevated levels of nutrients which are toxic to aquatic ecosystems.

Coal Seam

Eco Detection can ensure that wastewater meets required standards for release into the environment.


Monitoring to ensure that drinking water meets required standards.

Why you need continuous freshwater monitoring

Social Licence

Social license

Regular and accurate water quality data helps you maintain and improve your licence to operate as regulators, farmers, industry and organisations.

Resource Security

Resource security

Organisations that accurately demonstrate environmental outcomes can be more secure over their resources and investments; making licensing and permits for water takes and discharges easier to obtain and renew.


Trust & compliance

Compliance needs to be visible to earn trust. Real-time water monitoring improves relationships between businesses sharing waterways through greater understanding and visibility around its quality and health.



Validated data from waterways helps all stakeholders to accept responsibility for catchment outcomes and improvement of water quality.

The water quality
sensor that
makes sense

Faster, smarter decisions

Our secure, validated data and analytics enable faster, more informed regulatory and operational decisions at catchment scale.

Understand. Plan. Act.

Use our aggregated data to measure which catchments are doing better, plan where and how to invest and turn data into positive action.

Demonstrate your compliance

Verifiable data provides proof of compliance and allows you to educate stakeholders and the market on the measures you’re taking.

Wide range of contaminants

We measure for a wide range of analytes, as well as dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, turbidity and conductivity.

At-a-glance information

Access up-to-the-minute data on our industry lens dashboard, available to all relevant stakeholders through mobile and web apps.

Smarter data.Smarter payments.

Eco Detection offers a managed DaaS subscription service to our customers, ensuring our real-time water monitoring service is accessible to all.

Transform your
catchment area.
For good.

Governments, industries, investors and corporates are all looking towards a cleaner, greener future where sustainable environments flourish.

Monitoring water quality not only demonstrates environmental stewardship, it also contributes to positive economic and social changes for a more sustainable, cleaner and prosperous future.