Real-time water quality detection

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sensor technology

Our revolutionary sensor technology captures complex environmental data and simplifies it to enable faster and better informed environmental decisions in order to protect our most precious resource.

Our Eco Detection sensors capture, visualise and provide real-time data to individuals, organisations, businesses and agencies through our fully managed platform. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking for a powerful tool to preserve, protect and improve their waterways and catchment areas. Sound like you? Get in touch today.


Until now, no freshwater monitoring solution existed that could capture complex environmental data in real-time. With our revolutionary sensor technology, we can test as low as ten parts per billion for contaminants such as nitrates and heavy metals.

Our real-time data lets us predict trends as they happen, reducing negative environmental impacts to ensure our natural waterways and fragile ecosystems are protected and not exploited.

The benefits of
Eco Detection

+ Real-time monitoring

Advanced sensor technology captures complex environmental data in real-time.

+ Proven accuracy

Lab quality results provide unprecedented levels of proven accuracy in the field.

+ Faster, actionable results

More responsive than other systems to view water quality trends as they occur.

+ Total nutrient solutions

Monitor a broad range of nutrients, including dissolved nitrogen, nitrate, nitrite, chloride, carbonate, sulphate, flouride and more.

+ Regular reporting

A managed data visualisation platform for industry, government, research institutes and organisations to preserve water quality.

+ Better data, lower costs

Patented sensor design helps reduce the cost of real-time water data.

Making a real

We help our clients understand what the baseline of their catchment ecosystems looks like. This lets them identify potential threats, opportunities and challenges in real-time. Through more accurate monitoring, we can improve and protect our fragile freshwater environments.