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Why you need Eco Detection’s monitoring solution

Our platform provides a powerful data visualisation tool to confidently engage with and utilise verified and enriched water quality data. Importantly, data is easily accessible, enabling customers to take immediate action without an in-depth understanding of actual data. Governments and industries globally are driving demand for actionable data, driven by stringent policies and increasing compliance costs. Authorities are penalising polluters and rewarding reductions in waste, while businesses affected by water quality are searching for solutions to increase yield.

Until now, water quality monitoring methods were expensive, inaccurate, time-consuming, requiring frequent calibration and maintenance.

Eco Detection is the solution.

Available to customers on-demand over a network, using the cloud, our platform offers detailed, accurate, real-time data sourced directly from in-field water quality sensors. Importantly, our platform solution paves the way for industries, the primary sector, regulatory and industry bodies, catchment groups, education and community groups to instantly connect to and understand water quality. This real-time approach empowers industry, government, and organisations to preserve and improve water quality and meet compliance obligations.

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