Eco Detection

Managed service,
proven technology

Our world-first monitoring technology measures water quality in real-time, collecting and sharing complex environmental data that can be translated into more sustainable, actionable results.

We provide a managed DaaS solution to Government organisations, NGOs, research institutes, regional councils and industry. This includes installing and maintaining sensors, as well as delivering sensor data and regular reporting. Our technology was initially developed for military purposes in searching for fertiliser-based explosive devices.

Developed in Australia and proven in field trials, we’re proud to be significantly ahead of anything in the market, providing a level of accuracy that water scientists could only dream of – until now.

We’re passionate about using our tech to help industry, government and organisations better monitor, measure and manage freshwater quality; not only helping our customers, but improving freshwater environments around the globe.

Our vision

To be the world’s leading water monitoring service provider, recognised globally for innovative water sensing technology and research excellence.

Our purpose

To help clean up the waterways of the world by creating a strong and profitable business that delivers the most trusted, timely and reliable water quality data.

Our values

We value innovation, sustainability, collaboration, accountability, empowerment and integrity, and we stand by these values.

Accurate water quality data helps us to create tangible change for a more sustainable tomorrow

Experienced and
passionate people

Key People

Wendy Tyrell

Chair, Independent Non-Executive Director,
Eco Detection Pty Ltd

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Wendy brings a deep set of skills that have been influenced through a career spanning extractive industries, manufacturing, agribusiness and civil society organisations. She has worked in senior positions for BHP Billiton and Orica and is currently an executive director of DP Mining.

Wendy’s insight into sustainable development, environmental issues, social risks and governance challenges provides critical guidance and governance structures to Eco Detection at this stage of our business development.

Jefferson Harcourt

Director/Founder Grey Innovation Pty Ltd
Director/Founder Eco Detection Pty Ltd

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Jefferson Harcourt formed Grey Innovation in 1998 after completing an associate diploma of mechanical engineering and an honours degree in electrical engineering.

As director of Grey Innovation, Jefferson has developed over one hundred products and, in peak periods, employed over 50 engineers, industrial designers and software developers.

Jefferson’s passion for product development extends well beyond the Grey Innovation business. He works with members of the investment community to help build business, sits on a high number of start-up company boards, and is committed to helping create successful high-tech companies.

Ross Blair Holt

Non-Executive Director
Eco Detection Pty Ltd

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Ross is a Director of the Bruce Mathieson Group, having led its senior management team for over 28 years. He has significant financial, investment, and operational experience. Ross was, until recently, a senior executive of Woolworths Limited in his role as the Chief Operating Officer of the ALH Group, where he still remains a Director.

Antony Wyborn

Non-Executive Director
Eco Detection Pty Ltd

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Antony is a Director at Wyborn Capital, a property business based in Auckland, New Zealand. Antony has a keen interest in the environment and in harnessing innovative technology to solve real problems. Eco Detection’s world-first water monitoring technology combines both passions, offering the ability to create real environmental change.

Chief Operating Officer
Eco Detection Pty Ltd

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Wani is a creative communications and project management specialist with significant experience in helping companies, from elite sport and entertainment to finance, education and healthcare, achieve their business objectives. Recently, she spent five years as the CXO and Product Manager leading the multi-disciplinary teams of a listed company in the delivery of everything from R&D to regulatory approval of a world-first medical device for chronic disease management.

Maria McIntyre

Business Development Manager
Eco Detection Pty Ltd

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An environmental Scientist specialising in anaerobic digestion of dairy wastewater and biogas production with a passion for the environment and determination to help improve our relationship with resources, especially water.

Mandie Lammens

Company Secretary
Eco Detection Pty Ltd

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Over 15 years’ experience in the Medtech/Biotech industry, having previously been the Industry Development Officer at AusBiotech and Group Operations Manager at Grey Innovation.

Scientific Advisory Board

Nic Conland

Head of Science – Water
Eco Detection Pty Ltd

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Nic Conland is a natural resources scientist with over 20 years’ experience in environmental assessments involving both the monitoring and review of water quality effects; and managing, reviewing and reporting on water quality programmes at the farm, enterprise and catchment scale.

Nic has extensive experience in determining catchment responses (effects) on groundwater and riverine systems for large primary sector; infrastructure; and development operations where a long-term catchment monitoring programme is required for business and community decision making.

David Phillip Hamilton

Griffith University
Australian Rivers Institute

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David Hamilton is the Deputy Director of the Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University, Brisbane. His research interests are in lake water quality modelling, cyanobacteria harmful algal blooms and sensors for measuring lake parameters.