Eco Detection tops @AuManufacturing Top 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers

We are pleased to announce that Eco Detection was today awarded Top 10 Gold in @AuManufacturing’s ’50 most innovative manufacturers’ campaign.

Editors Brent Balinski and Peter Roberts hosted a breakfast event in Melbourne to reveal the winning companies with 50 Australian manufacturers inducted into @AuManufacturing’s inaugural Top 50, and another 24 Highly Commended.

Sponsored by MYOB, SMC Corporation Australia and Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions, the Top 50 judges were Bruce Minty, Senior Product Manager, MYOB, Dr Munib Karavdic, CEO, WAVE and Conjoint Professor Design and Innovation, AGSM/UNSW, Rodney Ryan, State Manager for SMC Corporation, Victoria and Tasmania and Tyson Bowen, Manager PR and Communications, Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre.

The judges rated each company’s nomination against an exhaustive points scoring system across the whole gamut of what is innovation – and they reached a consensus on a single point score for each company.

@AuManufacturing reported, “We had entries ranging from very new venture-backed university spinouts to century-plus-old family-owned enterprises. It ranges from the revolutionary to the evolutionary, from industrial technologies to fast moving consumer goods, from the highest technologies to the simplest, from innovating with your people to your business model.”

Innovation holds immense significance for Eco Detection as it forms the cornerstone of our business philosophy and drives our pursuit of sustainable solutions. As a company committed to environmental preservation, we understand that the challenges we face today demand novel and creative approaches. Innovation, to us, means constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new technologies, methodologies, and ideas to develop cutting-edge environmental monitoring and detection systems. By fostering a culture of innovation, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and deliver state-of-the-art solutions that address the evolving needs of our clients and contribute to a greener, healthier planet. Through innovative thinking, research, and collaboration, we aim to make a lasting impact in the field of environmental protection and create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Photo: Eco Detection’s Phil Fox and Wani Wall with Dr Simon Poole, keynote speaker and @AuManufacturing editor, Brent Balinski.

The Winners List

Top 10 Gold Award

  • Eco Detection Pty Ltd
  • Uuvipak
  • ANCA
  • Omni Tanker
  • Smartline Medical
  • BluGlass Limited
  • Micro-X
  • Australian Engineering Solutions (Austeng)
  • Australian Innovative Systems (AIS Water)
  • MGA Thermal

Top 50 Silver Award

  • Bodd
  • Adarsh Australia
  • Calix Limited
  • Varley
  • EMVision Medical Devices
  • TechPlas Extrusions
  • SPEE3D
  • FBR
  • Terra Firma Industries
  • CST Composites
  • Kallipr
  • A.H. Beard
  • Resourceful Living
  • Technofast Industries
  • Furnace Engineering
  • Whiteley Corporation
  • Vaxxas
  • NematiQ
  • Key Wholesalers (Solar Bollard Lighting)
  • REDARC Group
  • GreenMed
  • Trajan Scientific and Medical
  • K-TIG
  • Watkins Steel
  • Sussex Taps
  • White Graphene
  • Hypersonix Launch Systems
  • Additive Assurance
  • VXB Aerospace
  • Modular Photonics
  • Mining and Plant Group
  • Titomic
  • Voxon Photonics
  • Premcar
  • Samsara Eco
  • The Hygiene Co