Strategic Partnership with ChemCentre of Western Australia

Eco Detection’s strategic plan includes partnership with organisations established in the business of environmental monitoring. We are delighted to announce our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ChemCentre of Western Australia which sees an Eco Detection system installed at the laboratory headquarters.

This marks a significant first deployment and validation of our system in a leading government laboratory for the purposes of research and commercialisation projects.

ChemCentre’s CEO, Peter McCafferty said “We’re looking forward to working with the Eco Detection team and exploring the potential of this unique technology for remote monitoring in our state.”

Jefferson Harccourt, Eco Detection Executive Director said, “It’s a great privilege to work in collaboration with ChemCentre, WA’s leading chemical and forensic science facility. We look forward to meeting their customers from government and industry and demonstrating the unique capabilities of our technology across a huge number of applications.”

About ChemCentre

ChemCentre is the Western Australian Government statutory authority that provides expert analytical and scientific information to government, industry and the community. It exists to provide essential chemical and forensic services to ensure a safe and prosperous Western Australian community.

It provides routine analytical services, as well as specialised method development and unique analyses for less common chemicals of interest. Its scientists provide clients with high-quality analyses, legally defensible data and where required, expert interpretation and legal testimony. As the Western Australian Government analytical laboratory, with responsibilities in emergency response, forensic science and public and environmental health, it maintains a core of world-class expertise and equipment at its headquarters in Bentley, Western Australia. The same expertise and equipment is used to service its industry clients, not only in Western Australia, but also nationally and in Asia, Europe and the United States.