Prestigious farm installs Eco Detection

Data is now flowing from Eco Detection’s latest installation of its fieldable laboratory at the magnificent Ongaha farm in the Wairarapa. One of the leading figures in New Zealand agriculture, Shane McManaway plans to make Ongaha one of the region’s showcase farms on how to use water wisely. 

Mr McManaway said that Ongaha has an incredible amount of water consents. “We have four pivots on, plus a gun irrigator but have room to put on three more major pivots, which is in the plan.” Ongaha also has a major water way running all the way through the property which will be the test bed for water quality.

Alongside side the Sheep and beef operation, the farm currently has a four hundred-cow dairy platform. “I intend to decommission the dairy this coming winter, and although you would have to ask why we would you do this with a pending $9.00kg Milk solid pay out, it’s part of the plan to lighten the foot print environmentally.

Eco Detection is proud to play a part in helping manage water quality through real-time measurement and looks forward to the Ongaha site demonstrating the power of high frequency and resolution data to aid decision making.

Pictured: Eco Detection’s Adam Carr and Shane McManaway