Eco Detection helps decision-making at WA meat processing operation

Western Australian abattoir, Dardanup Butchering company (DBC) is the first meat processing company to choose Eco Detection for real-time monitoring of its regulated wastewater treatment ponds. It is looking for new technology to effectively monitor nutrients and potentially reduce chemical dosing costs. This installation will provide Eco Detection with a significant case study to take to a huge international market.

Wastewater from processing activities is collected in a sump after physical treatment using a hasher-washer/trammel and various wire screens for solids removal to rendering.

The wastewater then passes through a dissolved air floatation (DAF) system to a tank and pond treatment system which consists of a 4.5 ML EEI High-Rate Anaerobic Reactor Technology (HART) tank (anaerobic tank), one Advanced Nutrient Removal Unit Process pond (Pond 1) and one Phosphorus Removal and Holding pond (Pond 2). Some of the treated water is then disinfected and reused in the yard and for lairage washdown while the rest is used to seasonally irrigate grasses on the premises.

DBC has selected the Eco Detection system due to its multi-analyte measurement capabilities, which allows them to measure nitrite, nitrate and phosphate simultaneously. DBC is also keen to see the ammonium measurement introduced into the system to complement the current capabilities. The intention is to use the system to monitor nutrient concentration in the final treatment pond so that DBC can optimise the usage of the outlet wastewater for irrigation of nearby paddocks in accordance with licence conditions from the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER). In addition to providing the data supporting compliance with the DWER licence, the Eco Detection system enables efficient use of allowable irrigation limits that will in turn minimise costs associated with the secondary treatment of excess wastewater by Water Corporation.

About Dardanup

For nearly 70 years, Dardanup has been supplying the very best food from WA’s best farmers in the pristine South West region. It enjoys a close relationship with many third and fourth generation producers, ensuring best practice and adherence to quality procedures throughout the supply process.

These ongoing relationships allows Dardanup to consistently deliver a high standard of fresh product and excellent taste. With 90% of its stock sourced directly from the producer, they are also pleased to be able to deliver full product traceability to its clients.